Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baker Street Saturday - Jeremy Brett's Fan Letter To Himself

How cool is this guy?

I don't know if anyone deserves credit for sharing this with the world but if someone does - thank you for sharing this with the world!

"One incident that David Burke recounted brought the house down at The Northern Musgraves' Jeremy Brett Memorial Lunch. It is a tale that reveals not only Brett's humour and eccentricity, but also his endearing, self-effacing qualities:

Jeremy said to me on one occasion, ‘I was feeling so low the other day that I sent myself a fan letter.'

‘Are you serious?’

‘I'm absolutely serious.’

‘What did you write to yourself?’

‘"Dear Jeremy,

I would just like to say what a wonderful actor you are. Your Sherlock Holmes puts every other attempt at the part in the shade. Basil Rathbone is not fit to clean your boots; and Douglas Wilmer and Robert Stephens should beg you to give them lessons. You're much prettier than all of them, for a start. There is only one word for your performance — magic. Please send me a signed photograph.


Joe Bloggs.

P.S. I've heard that you're really a nice person, too."’

‘Did you really write that?’

‘Yes, I did.’

‘Did you send it?’

‘Yes. I put a first-class stamp on it. I wanted to get it as soon as possible. It came the next morning.’

‘And did you read it?’

‘Of course I read it. I read it a dozen times. I felt wonderful afterwards.’

‘Well, did you send yourself a signed photograph?’

‘David, I may be mad — but I'm not barking mad! In any case, the bugger didn’t send a stamped addressed envelope!’”


Bonnie said...

Ha! I love this. Jeremy Brett remains my favorite Holmes he was quite brilliant. I must admit that I am also quite taken by the new modern day Sherlock Holmes that I've seen on PBS.

Enjoy your Sunday,

Live Out Loud said...

I know - Benedict Cumberbatch is amazing but I think Brett tops anyone I've ever seen. (Course, we're talking 40 hours of Brett vs. around 5 of Cumberbatch but still - I think Brett is 'untoppable'!!!)

Au and Target said...

LOL. Like this!

Live Out Loud said...

Everything I read about Jeremy Brett - he sounds like he was a very funny, good-humored (despite tragedies) man. The kind of man everyone who has met him say they were honored to have known him and/or worked with him.

A true entertainer - he loved to make people laugh and he's still doing it!