Monday, June 6, 2011

'Doctor Who': New 'Who' Season 6

See, I already have a problem and I'm in the title of the Blog Post.

I've avoided Blogging about Doctor Who for two reasons:

1.) I loathe spoilers and don't want some wisenheimer commenting them.

2.) I am a fan of Doctor Who, not so much this new Who. Hence my problem with the title – this is not Season 6. It's like Season 32.

Okay, so that said, let's delve into my problems with this episode.

First of all, I'm not saying the title because it's supposedly a spoiler which I heard so avoided reading it. Then it was everywhere. It was even texted to my phone so I knew the title backwards and forwards before it aired.

Then of course, I thought, oh, good. This particularly dragged out storyline will be wrapped up.

No such luck. I think it was a fake spoiler to make you think one thing when it had to do with another.

The cool thing is the title was pretty good for the content of the episode. Clever.

Since this new Who started, I wanted to see the rest of the Tardis. As I was so disappointed with the new control room, I thought maybe we could get back to cool if the characters ever ventured into the rest of the humongous ship.

No such luck until this episode. And then I was disappointed all over again. The old Tardis, from the real series, was so dang cool and unique. I'd love to see that updated to 2011 special effects technology.

But alas, they decided, for some inexplicable reason, to make the rest of the ship look like every other sci-fi show's spaceship.

Rory and Amy might as well have been running through Battlestar Gallactica (the original, don't even get me started on the new one that I couldn't take more than two minutes of. Why call these things by their original title if you're going to make them so different they don't resemble their namesake? Call it something else!)

So we went from this supercool alien time and space traveler who was funny, charming, timeless, knowledgeable, just arrogant enough to be put in his place and truly unique – to – cool, whiny alien who's lonely despite the fact he's surrounded by friends, who travels in time and space, is insurmountably sad, charming, funny, seems to know less than he did when he was a few hundred years younger and kisses people.

He's not mysterious or unique and the show isn't safe anymore. Hence, they'll kill people off all the time. In fact, they started 'Season Six' by killing the Doctor and then Rory and Amy.

Oh yeah, Rory. What is that guy's problem? He's been killed more times in a year than Daniel Jackson in, what 8 years?

I swear the next time they kill him off, (next week presumably), I'm going to shout, "Oh my god, they killed Rory!"

But, before Steven Moffat is offended (too offended?), I will say I do tune in each week.

More out of loyalty for this show that used to be my favorite.

It was my favorite show for about 27 years. But after too much sadness and whiny (there is no crying in Doctor Who) and convoluted storylines and the addition of the most awesome show ever made, I have switched that top spot.

My favorite show is now Sherlock. Yes, after 27 faithful years, Doctor Who has been bumped out of favorite show status after I watched one and a half episodes (which is exactly half of its total) of Sherlock.

So I'm not picking on Steven Moffat's writing (too much) since he writes for Sherlock. And his Twitters are great and he despises spoilers almost as much as I do and his profile picture is AWESOME!

(See, as an author, I'd hate for a bad review. But I'd also like to think if someone messed up my stories and character after decades, a true fan wouldn't like it if it strayed too far from the original intent. See, I’m not saying his writing is messed up - if this was the same show but under a different name, well, I wouldn’t watch it but it would be great for what it was. Typical current sci-fi. How can you take something awesome and ahead of its time and make it like everything else out there???? Oh, Mr. Moffat, I say this with a shared love of the show.)

And thank God Matt Smith's Doctor is more funny than sad. Tennant was awesome but come on, if I want sad I'll switch to the Lifetime channel.

So what do you guys think – NO SPOILERS please. They spoil. Hence the name.


Au and Target said...

Tom Baker was my Doctor but I also like John Pertwee....

Live Out Loud said...

Tom Baker rules! He's the best, my favorite and no one has come close.

I love Pertwee. Troughton was cool but I've only seen a handful of his. Tennant was funny and cool when he wasn't making us cry or cringe from him.

I like the others for different reasons, too.

But no matter what...Tom Baker is the best.