Saturday, June 18, 2011

Baker Street Saturday - BBC Schedule Disappoints Fans

I'm confused by the report of Sherlock making Doctor Who's season run shorter.
First I hear Sherlock is making Doctor Who's season run shorter and then I hear Sherlock isn't making Doctor Who run shorter but Doctor Who's season run is shorter.


Steven Moffat is the creative driving force behind Doctor Who and Sherlock. Some are saying he can't do both - but isn't that why we hire people? Why we delegate? You don't have to do both! But actually, you CAN do both. Our ancestors did - and by ancestors, I mean people from ten years ago.

There are, what, fourteen episodes a year of Doctor Who and three episodes a year of Sherlock.

That's seventeen episodes a year total.


Do we remember the days when seasons used to be twenty-two episodes?

Do we remember the TV show by the name of 24? If Sherlock was Jack Bauer he'd either talk even faster (they'd have to slow the film like they did for Bruce Lee which would defeat the purpose) or he'd fail miserably and the world would be blown up because three episodes is nothing. Since when is three episodes a season?

I used to think being an actor was similar to being a teacher, schedule-wise. Both jobs offer the summer off. Teachers do summer school if they feel like it (or need the money); actors do movies.

And now we have an awesome TV show (my favorite) and it's three episodes a year.

Arthur Conan Doyle wrote 60 Sherlock Holmes stories.

If they dramatized every story in Doyle's Canon:

- With the old TV schedule, our show could get that done in three years with a few slots left over for original stories.

- With the new TV schedule, our wonderful cast would be in their 50's. It'd be like Stargate which was only ten years but we watched them age. But they didn't jump in age every three episodes!


I hope they don't stop making Sherlock or hand over the reins to someone who doesn't have the same vision as Moffat.

So now there's going to be seven episodes a year of Doctor Who and three of Sherlock.

We're down to ten episodes a year between two shows.

Does anyone else find this a little ridiculous? If these were any other characters I wouldn't even remember who they are. Unfortunately I like them. The Doctor and Sherlock Holmes are two timeless, awesome characters that'll live on forever, possibly. And yet, we have to suffer in wait. (Patience is not a Jennifer Oberth strong suit.)

They're coming out with more novels in Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes than TV episodes - which is awesome!!!!! So that is cool.

I can't keep up with the unending pool of Sherlock Holmes books out there.

Also on the BBC America Blog, in lighter news (literally), they've posted a list of Ravishing Redheads and Benedict Cumberbatch tops them all!

I thought he was blonde...

1.) What do you think about the state of television scheduling in general nowadays? (Not the quality of programs, just the actual scheduling.)

2.) What British redheads do you adore?

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