Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Travel-Themed Shower

My sister's Wedding Shower couldn't be a surprise because she had to fly in for it, but I managed to make the theme a surprise.

Travel-Themed - and it fits the couple perfectly.

In fact, about 8PM the night before the Wedding Shower, my sister called to say their flight had been canceled and it was the last flight of the day...

I told her (after putting the time and effort we put into this thing) that the party was going on with or without the bride and groom.

Is that irony, par for the course or just a plain old nail biter that they almost didn't get in for their Travel-Themed Wedding Shower because of travel-related problems?????

Travel-Themed Wedding Shower Beach Cake (Hand Made):

Travel-Themed Wedding Shower Prize - Handmade Travel Quilt:

Travel-Themed Wedding Shower Centerpieces:
Hawaii Table

Caribbean Table
(Yeah, yeah, so there WAS a pirate at my sister's Wedding Shower even though I told her (through the dedication of my short story Married To Murder) that there wouldn't be. It's just one little pirate and it's Captain Jack Sparrow so...

Chinese Table

Each place setting had a water bottle wih specialized labels for the couple, a pack of peanuts, a pen from the Marriott hotel and an airline-approved baggie of little toothpastes, shampoos, conditioners, hand sanitizers, lotions and so forth. (Each baggie contained four items.)

The whole thing was travel related!

Below is the prize table with some really cool prizes (if we do say so ourselves) - all travel-themed of course. The handmade quilt, the Haunting in Georgia & Haunting in Conneticut DVD, the travel-themed photo albums, the French chef kitchen stuff, even the photo paper. The bags themselves are all travel related as you can see. (The one on the left is all stamps.)
This party was so cool to throw and I hope (and have heard back) that everyone had a great time!


Chatty Crone said...

That was fabulous! Great job and lovely party - how nice of you.

Live Out Loud said...

Yeah! It was a lot of fun. And now, the wedding is over, too and it's on to the next chapter!!!!!

stevenjared0853 said...

Glad to know about your wedding and hope you had a lovely wedding. Last month, I arranged my sister’s wedding at one of finest Chicago wedding venues. Made wonderful floral arrangements for wedding decor and everyone enjoyed yummy food.