Monday, May 23, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Catherine Tate should remain on 'The Office'

SPOILERS for The Office (2011 Season Finale):

Dana, if you're reading this, STOP until you're caught up to the 2011 season finale of The Office.

Okay, to everyone except Dana (and anyone else who isn't caught up) – read on!

The producers of The Office want Catherine Tate to replace Steve Carell – but she's doing that play (Much Ado About Nothing) in the U.K. with David Tennant (former Doctor Who co-star). The play runs to September but filming for The Office starts in August, I believe is the problem. (There are so many creative ways to deal with this situation...)

Catherine Tate is my top choice for replacing Steve Carell on The Office and here's why:

1.) She's hysterically funny.

2.) She can handle the Scranton Branch with as much finesse, authority and understanding as Michael Scott. (Translation: none!)

3.) It would be awesome to have a woman manage the branch and would distance us from comparing whoever fills the role to Steve Carell – and let's face it, who could compare? They're doing a great job of distracting us with our favorite characters trying to replace Michael Scott quite unsuccessfully. Let's go the full distance and pick this talented woman.

4.) How cool for The Office to get back to its British roots.

5.) Maybe David Tennant could drop by for a visit?

6.) There could be whole storylines borne of her British background and how she might have to adjust to life in Scranton, use slang the others don't get and hear American slang she doesn't get.

7.) I want to see Catherine Tate on Television again – week to week! And, she could flail her arms and say, "Supertemp!"

8.) She's my favorite actress and I'd love for my fellow Americans - who don't already know how phenomenal she is - to find this out for themselves.

9.) She can do serious as well as she does funny. She'd be flawless with any script.

10.) It would refresh the very successful Office – Catherine Tate's sense of humor and talent would revamp the show and draw tired audiences right back into what made the show a hit in the first place.

These are my Top Ten Reasons Catherine Tate should replace Steve Carell on The Office, Ten in honor of her role as Donna Noble with the 10th Doctor.

What do you think?

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