Saturday, May 28, 2011

'Sherlock' Awards and Slip of the Tongues

Sunday (six days ago), England had the BAFTA TV Awards and live Tweet'd it for those of us unable to view it. (Thank you!)

Sherlock won the award for Best Drama.

Martin Freeman won best Supporting Actor for his role as Dr. Watson in Sherlock.

All on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Birthday, too!

Benedict Cumberbatch did not win Best Actor - which is disappointing to me because he's amazing. It's funny, though, because everyone was talking about Matt Smith (for Doctor Who) and Benedict Cumberbatch being up for the same award - and Steven Moffat writes for both shows.

What I pictured for work the next day, on the set of Sherlock, was Martin Freeman laying it on thick about Sherlock winning best drama and he winning Best Supporting Actor and Benedict...oh, wait. Nothing. (I've heard Martin Freeman is a bit of a jokester.)

But then Martin Freeman let it slip that Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be in the Hobbit - something he wasn't supposed to tell people.

Now all of the sudden, Monday morning on the set of Sherlock is a very different picture in my imagination - what can Martin Freeman say that Benedict Cumberbatch wouldn't bring this little slip up each and every time???

I love fun co-workers.

I hope we get more behind-the-scenes footage on the Season 2 DVD.

And bloopers - love me some Sherlock bloopers!!

What do you guys think? Any fun co-worker stories out there you'd like to share? Did you get to watch the BAFTA TV Awards or follow it at all? (Isn't the Internet great?)

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