Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Musings - Reference Material

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Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about a reference material.
Do you keep reference books on your shelves at home? What’s your first port of call when you need information – the internet or a book?
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I have reference books on writing mysteries, publishing, alternative medicine and cooking. I used to go to those books for any information but now I go online for pretty much everything.

Of course, I triple-check (or more) any information I find online. I like online sources because they're the most up-to-date and/or I love to read what people have to say.

I can read a reference book about a cure for allergies for example but online, I can find a forum of people's actual experiences with something.

There's a certain human element, human interaction you can't get from a (non-fiction) book.

The thing I despise about online, is when you need that specific piece of information I just can't seem to find it!

In a reference book, you can go to the index and find the section that would have the information.

Online, I can google 'origin of padded room' and get 'the origin of yodeling'.

Go figure.


Anonymous said...

I NEVER find anything online when I need it. I think everything should be available with the click of the button and my frustration is knowing it is out there, I just can't find it...

Live Out Loud said...

I know it!

Sometimes I think it was actually easier (not just more accurate or less confusing) to have to look something up in an encyclopedia and use our fingers to flip through sheets of paper called "pages".

Even considering the time it'd take to arrange a ride to the library and find the reference librarian...I think it was faster than sorting through some of the stuff google (for example) returns!!