Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First BioSET

Have you heard of BioSET?

My Dad gave me a book for Christmas called The Food Allergy Cure by Dr. Ellen Cutler and I perused it. They all say 'cure' but then tell you to stay away from that food or product - newsflash, that's NOT a cure! But this book literally tells you how to cure yourself of allergies! CURE!!!

I did some of the questionnaires and based on the results and other things I've read in the book - and knowing my own background - I decided I needed to go to a BioSET practitioner. Let him/her treat me! I want to do this right and do this quickly.

I found a guy just over an hour away and had my first appt. He's also a chiropractor and I got a treatment - which included a cranium adjustment that most chiropractors don't do.

Guess what else? He fixed my short leg! My old chiropractor said I would always have one leg slightly shorter than the other. Fortunately, it didn't effect the structure of the rest of my body.

But this guy said the leg itself is not shorter, it's...jammed up or something. He did an adjustment and now both legs are the same length! He warned me that it might happen again - but both my legs are the same height.

Awesome first visit! (I'll tell you more about BioSET in later posts)

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Chatty Crone said...

Are they still? I'm not sure what BioSet is but I've read your blogs and will look it up. You look too young for allergies girl - sandie